Friday, 12. October 2012 - 18:22 Uhr

New Awards, Woot!

     Thanks to Foxgirl's poking and prodding...WE HAVE NEW AWARDS in this joint! YAAAAAAYYY! There are about a million of new ones, so you'll have to check the Awards tab to check them out. One mysterious little new award is the Detective Award, which means that you have found my hidden treasure...:) Yes, I have a little "treasure" hidden on either this site, the Shadow Kingdom site, the Ariana site, the Mermaid site, the wix site, or a new little site I've made, (it's a Witches of Reilli thing, end of book two). If you can find it, that'll be a miracle...but for the rest of the awards, check out the tab. :)

     Have fun!




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