Wednesday, 10. October 2012 - 16:54 Uhr

A Photo, Dragonsclaim...AND a New Member!

     Hooray! We have another member joining us. I'm really starting to form an army here. :) Welcome Curly! Curly is our newest member, and has been given a rank (Ghost). I hope you guys will welcome Curly warmly! Welcome, welcome, welcome. I appreciate you being with us!

     Have fun, everyone! I'm doing a renovating project today...hint, hint.

     Oh yeah! Dragonsclaim Chapter Two, by moi, is finished. You can check it out! Chapter One also has some filled-in blanks added. And...tada! The ______, the guy with the blonde hair, Sedric's friend, now has a rough sketch. I drew him based on Foxgirl's requests. Here he is! The color samples are just for the colors I'll be giving him. How do you like him? I drew him on the computer, and in a hurry, so I know it's messy ^^" and I'm not so great at guys anyway. Still...he's a success. And pretty sweet, too. We STILL can't find a suitable name for him...any ideas, anyone?

     By the way, he's a blondie :)

     Have a great day, everyone! 




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