Tuesday, 30. October 2012 - 19:35 Uhr

Alice in Wonderland???

     I've never had an update before, and no, I haven't started writing Alice. If you read the little blurb on its page, you'd know that Alice is partially written in manga, partially written in text, just to make it funky.  Well, I released a random section of the drawn part.  It's NOT read like classical manga.  Read it LEFT to RIGHT, like a normal book. I included subs since the text isn't very clear.  Sorry, but these were hastily drawn, hastily scanned, and hastily touched up in Photoshop Elements, so it's not great quality...kind of crude, actually. Here, you can see it, but I've downsized it and there are no subs.  You can see the full-size version and subs on the Alice page.

     Enjoy! I hope to release another one soon.  You don't know about these people...I can give you a little light.  Alice is the one with the bow in the back, and Sethsique is the one with the really long hair, wearing a scarf, telling Alice she needs to talk to her...Asthone is one of the Kings (4) of Wonderland.  he's the King of Hearts. (I told you the genders were flipped!)  Sethsique is a made-up character by me.

     Have fun! Check out the subs if you can't read it...sorry...V.V





Sunday, 28. October 2012 - 18:26 Uhr

Ariel Update!

     It's been a while since I updated Ariel.  Foxgirl, you'll be thrilled, because I have one now, and its several pages long.  You can find it on its tab.  Enjoy reading, okay?  I love describing Ariel's dreams.  They're so...REAL. :) Okay, no spoilers. Have fun with the reading! I'm starting Chapter Two!





Thursday, 25. October 2012 - 21:28 Uhr



     Guess what?!?!?! I didn't know this...but page4 lets Google crawl your site!!!!!! This means that if you type storyworld tsarmina into your google bar and look through the results, you can find my page!! Now you don't need the specific address to reach my site anymore...and it also means that we don't have to move our site address! I can't believe it! It's amazing!!!!!!!

     The first result is probably a flashcard thing on studystack.com because that was where I made my All About Me quiz you can play on the games tab. But if you go far enough, you can find the homepage: storyworld.page4.me.

     !!!!!!!!!!! YESSS!





Wednesday, 24. October 2012 - 16:50 Uhr

Completion of the First Clue

     If you were wondering, no, nobody has found the first Clue yet. What this means is that I have finished making the first clue...it IS a different website. If you can find the word on my site that is linked to the First Clue, you WILL be on the first step to finding my hidden treasure! I don't know what the treasure will be yet, but you definitely will know if you find it.

     Good luck everyone! Remember my hint to finding the link: I love to READ.





Wednesday, 24. October 2012 - 16:44 Uhr

A Mark in History!

     Ah, I can't believe it! The visitor counter is already at 200 people! I still remember when I first made this site and nobody came on it...it's getting so popular now, even without an SEO or a custom domain...I just thought it was amazing that we have gotten this far! It was a team effort, of course...

     Thanks guys! You've done soooo much for me...can I ask one more favor? Please,  PLEASE comment on stories. You can even comment on say Shadow kingdom when my post is about new memebrs or something. I just really need some great feedback...but take your time to read it all!

     Have a great day, and don't forget to search for that treasure! It's a hyperlink, and only ONE word is hyperlinked...so it's very tricky!!!!





Sunday, 14. October 2012 - 19:33 Uhr

Treasure Update

     Thank goodness Curly asked me!  I didn't tell any of you the login for agjo. The login is agjo (and it always will be, it does NOT change monthly) and of course, the weird password is monkeyhipstercellulose.  

     All right, those are my updates!





Sunday, 14. October 2012 - 15:27 Uhr

Treasure Race is on!

     The race is on, people! I'm busy creating the three-part treasure hunt! The first part isn't going to be easy to find...just remember: I like to read. 

     I hope one of you will find it! It's not easy! Also, please give me your email to do this, because that's my confirm that you've gotten the clue right and therefore can move on. The sites that you possibly will have clues on are this one (storyworld.page4.me), mnsu12.wix.com/storyworld, storyworldariana.page4.me, storyworldmermaid.page4.me, storyworldshadowkingdom.yolasite.com, and agjo.yolasite.com. YOU NEED A PASSWORD TO ACCESS MOST OF AGJO. This MONTH's password is monkeyhipstercellulose. (Yes, it's weird, but Mr. Joel has his ways...) The others can be accessed anywhere.

     You ready to find this treasure? Remember, here's a hint to find number one: I like to READ.

     Ready, set, GOOOOOO!





Friday, 12. October 2012 - 18:22 Uhr

New Awards, Woot!

     Thanks to Foxgirl's poking and prodding...WE HAVE NEW AWARDS in this joint! YAAAAAAYYY! There are about a million of new ones, so you'll have to check the Awards tab to check them out. One mysterious little new award is the Detective Award, which means that you have found my hidden treasure...:) Yes, I have a little "treasure" hidden on either this site, the Shadow Kingdom site, the Ariana site, the Mermaid site, the wix site, or a new little site I've made, agjo.yolasite.com (it's a Witches of Reilli thing, end of book two). If you can find it, that'll be a miracle...but for the rest of the awards, check out the tab. :)

     Have fun!





Wednesday, 10. October 2012 - 16:54 Uhr

A Photo, Dragonsclaim...AND a New Member!

     Hooray! We have another member joining us. I'm really starting to form an army here. :) Welcome Curly! Curly is our newest member, and has been given a rank (Ghost). I hope you guys will welcome Curly warmly! Welcome, welcome, welcome. I appreciate you being with us!

     Have fun, everyone! I'm doing a renovating project today...hint, hint.

     Oh yeah! Dragonsclaim Chapter Two, by moi, is finished. You can check it out! Chapter One also has some filled-in blanks added. And...tada! The ______, the guy with the blonde hair, Sedric's friend, now has a rough sketch. I drew him based on Foxgirl's requests. Here he is! The color samples are just for the colors I'll be giving him. How do you like him? I drew him on the computer, and in a hurry, so I know it's messy ^^" and I'm not so great at guys anyway. Still...he's a success. And pretty sweet, too. We STILL can't find a suitable name for him...any ideas, anyone?

     By the way, he's a blondie :)

     Have a great day, everyone! 





Thursday, 4. October 2012 - 21:16 Uhr

New Member Levels!

     You have Foxgirl to thank, guys ;) Yes, since Foxgirl, [name], and TTJ are burning through the levels so fast, I had to make more. The Moonlight Level and Magnet Level are the newest levels available, which also means that several of you have been DEMOTED. Check the Member Roster blurb for more details on the new levels. ;) Sorry guys. It's all right, though, a lot of you are on Ghost Level anyway.

     I'm also thinking of new awards but I'm running out of icons to put (because they're default).

     Enjoy! (Though I'm sure many of you are not pleased.)





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