Tuesday, 18. September 2012 - 17:43 Uhr


     Hey guys...guess what? Almost all of the profiles on the new Ariana page are done.  Most of them are by me, but Weewaa did Cameron and Lila's, and Weewaa is SUPPOSED to do Malcolm, Swarovski, Roland, and Bill's, but he/she is too lazy and said "Later." (read: NEVER)

     ANYWAY, on a happier note (you can tell I am disgruntled), they are almost all done, with the exceptions of those four (three out of four of them are supporting characters, so no big deal until Weewaa gets bored enough to complete them.)  The main characters, or the ones that aren't supporting characters I should say are Ariana (protagonist), Samuel (the prince, her brother), Cameron (guy you'll meet later), Lila (Cameron's girlfriend), Cade (another guy you'll meet later), and Swarovski (antagonist, whose profile has not been created yet and probably never will.)  The others are important too, they're just not in the spotlight.  At least, not for now...you'll probably enjoy looking at the characters' profiles, they have a TON of info on them.

     Have a great day!




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