Friday, 14. September 2012 - 21:36 Uhr

Ariana Graduate

     Ariana Story has outgrown its little page.  So, it's moved to a new page for itself, like Mermaid or The Shadow Kingdom.  The address is, in the format Mermaid and Shadow Kingdom both were: has 'storyworld' in front, then the title afterwards.  You can find all this info on the Ariana Story tab on the Exploring the Storyworld tab's sidebar.  I warn you: THE FORMAT FOR ARIANA'S PAGE DOES NOT HAVE A SIDEBAR.  In fact, it has only tabs.  To access subpages, you have to roll over the tab with your mouse.  

     Enjoy! The story has been updated as well, so it's not just a cutoff of chapter one anymore...I'm on Chapter Two now!




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