Monday, 10. September 2012 - 22:38 Uhr

Making Manga?

     Well, it's true. I am writing my own manga, or the Japanese comics that you probably have noticed I'm close-to obsessed with. My manga's called Dragonpocalypse. I think I've already mentioned Dragonpocalypse, but I have an important detail...

     I stopped Dragonpocalypse several months ago, but now I'm picking it back up.  Looks like Riss, Rowan, Canace, Cass, and Siv are making a comeback.  They're currently at the foot of the Dust Hills...where they stumble upon a mysterious woman.

     'Course, you have no clue what I'm talking about, but it's late. I'll have to explain Dragonpocalypse tomorrow.  Have a good night!




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