Tuesday, 25. September 2012 - 16:46 Uhr

Success! Oh, and More On Dragonpocalypse...

     Woo-hoo, guys! My giant cover problem has been solved and now the cover for the R.E.A.L. World has been cut down to a manageable size...so if you go on the R.E.A.L. World page now, you won't get hit in the face by a gigantic Star of David with a halo and wings.  Really, that's all for today....

     Oh, yeah, I'd said I'd talk about Dragonpocalypse.  So sorry I forgot to after Making Manga?.  Well, the manga is something I indeed did come up with myself, even if I haven't gotten past the seventh chapter yet...

     The story starts with your protagonist, a girl named Riss.  Riss lives in the world of dragons, and the story begins with her swopping in the sky on the back of her dragon friend, Ella, who seems a little irritated.  Then Riss gets kidnapped...from there she has a dream and meets the Fire Spirit, who tells her the story of the Dragon Sister, from back when the world was harsh, the Dragon Sister was a comfort to the dragons. She defended dragons.  But when her sword was taken, she could not communicate with the dragons in the same way anymore. And guess what? Riss is the newest Dragon Sister, and she has to find the Dragon Sister's sword and tame the dragons.Then she meets Rowan, her foretold enemy, but who she can't help liking. With Rowan and the Fire Spirit, she trains her natural magic, but it's something that she still needs to learn more of. Rowan introduces her to Canace, Rowan's girlfriend, who Riss isntantly dislikes. (Hm, I wonder why?) There's also a prophecy involved...to unlock the Dragon Sword, the four Dragon Keys must be found. The world where the keys are found is located in the magic world behind Rowan's house. (The map is located on pages I-III. But, er, you wouldn't know what it looks like.) While first venturing into the dangerous worl hind Rowan's house, they run into a young boy playing baseball who apparently heard a rumor about the keys. His name is Cass, and he said he heard a rumor that one key was hidden in the Dust Hills. In the Dust Hills, they meet a beautiful and mysterious woman named Cherideq, who lives there.  But Cherideq isn't who they think she is...I won't give that part away. Once they escape the Dust Hills, they go to Bean Lake to wash off, but apparently there are some vengeful weeds there. Then they travel across the Elfin Woods, where they pick up another person, a mischievous elf named Siv. From Elfin Woods they travel to Jagged Horn Peak, Chipper Camp (where you learn something very...interesting about Cass) and then to the Ruby, Gold, and Topaz Rivers. They run into all sorts of problems at the Gypsy Tent Camp and finally locate one key at El Dorado...but I won't reveal what happens. 

     I don't want to go too far, so that's where I'll stop.  Let me jsut say something, though--each of the travelers has a special transformation with a special element behind it that tie into the four keys of four elements. Riss transforms to Dragon Keeper, Canace is the Wind Angel, Rowan is the Water Cyclone, Cass is Flamethrower, and Siv is the Emerald Dryad. It's a very complicated plot...I really wish you guys could read it. I know each and every one of you would love the characters! (Well, except maybe Cherideq.) I hope it captured your interest...tell me what you think with comments! (Foxgirl, I'm counting on you!)
     Have a great day!





Thursday, 20. September 2012 - 19:55 Uhr

New Cover

     There's a new cover available; The R.E.A.L. World cover is now out. It's a kind of temporary-looking thing, so I'll probably alter it.  And I'm sorry that it's so huge; I've been trying to fix it and can't, so I emailed the page4 tech support.  I hope I can downsize the thing because it's as big as a crater at this point, so I'm sorry about that.






Tuesday, 18. September 2012 - 17:43 Uhr


     Hey guys...guess what? Almost all of the profiles on the new Ariana page are done.  Most of them are by me, but Weewaa did Cameron and Lila's, and Weewaa is SUPPOSED to do Malcolm, Swarovski, Roland, and Bill's, but he/she is too lazy and said "Later." (read: NEVER)

     ANYWAY, on a happier note (you can tell I am disgruntled), they are almost all done, with the exceptions of those four (three out of four of them are supporting characters, so no big deal until Weewaa gets bored enough to complete them.)  The main characters, or the ones that aren't supporting characters I should say are Ariana (protagonist), Samuel (the prince, her brother), Cameron (guy you'll meet later), Lila (Cameron's girlfriend), Cade (another guy you'll meet later), and Swarovski (antagonist, whose profile has not been created yet and probably never will.)  The others are important too, they're just not in the spotlight.  At least, not for now...you'll probably enjoy looking at the characters' profiles, they have a TON of info on them.

     Have a great day!





Friday, 14. September 2012 - 21:36 Uhr

Ariana Graduate

     Ariana Story has outgrown its little page.  So, it's moved to a new page for itself, like Mermaid or The Shadow Kingdom.  The address is storyworldariana.page4.me, in the format Mermaid and Shadow Kingdom both were: has 'storyworld' in front, then the title afterwards.  You can find all this info on the Ariana Story tab on the Exploring the Storyworld tab's sidebar.  I warn you: THE FORMAT FOR ARIANA'S PAGE DOES NOT HAVE A SIDEBAR.  In fact, it has only tabs.  To access subpages, you have to roll over the tab with your mouse.  

     Enjoy! The story has been updated as well, so it's not just a cutoff of chapter one anymore...I'm on Chapter Two now!





Thursday, 13. September 2012 - 20:07 Uhr

New Member! +Member Raisure...

     Wow, I'm getting a LOT of publicity!  We have yet a new member joining our ranks today...let's have a big [online] round of applause for Raleigh_Beth98!!!!  Raleigh_Beth98 has been added to the Member Roster and given a rank, which is currently at Ghost.  Thanks for joining us, Raleigh_Beth98!
     Also, Foxgirl is sprinting at top speed for the Bombo level...she has now risen to the rank of Clock!  You're really making this place fizzy with competition, Foxgirl!  I'm sure TTJ and [name] are jealous! 





Monday, 10. September 2012 - 22:38 Uhr

Making Manga?

     Well, it's true. I am writing my own manga, or the Japanese comics that you probably have noticed I'm close-to obsessed with. My manga's called Dragonpocalypse. I think I've already mentioned Dragonpocalypse, but I have an important detail...

     I stopped Dragonpocalypse several months ago, but now I'm picking it back up.  Looks like Riss, Rowan, Canace, Cass, and Siv are making a comeback.  They're currently at the foot of the Dust Hills...where they stumble upon a mysterious woman.

     'Course, you have no clue what I'm talking about, but it's late. I'll have to explain Dragonpocalypse tomorrow.  Have a good night!





Saturday, 8. September 2012 - 20:11 Uhr


     Bet you're tired of reading what I've been typing up as slow as a turtle.  Did you like the title of this post? Read me, huh? Yeah, well, that's because there's a NEW TAB called Read Me!  It's on the About Me page, on the sidebar, and you can read [almost] every book I listed on my Favorite Books list on the About Me page.  All the links are safe and let you read the entire book...I think ;) Anyway, have fun reading the books that aren't mine! 





Thursday, 6. September 2012 - 19:54 Uhr

Games and Music Galore!

     Hi guys, sorry, this post was supposed to be yesterday but I forgot to report it because I was too busy chatting up Foxgirl ;) Watch out, TTJ! Anyhow, I've added about a million KPOP songs to the Music tab on the homepage and a couple edits to the Game Room, which is still relatively unrenovated.  I'll get there someday.  I know it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my favorite KPOP songs as much as I always do!





Tuesday, 4. September 2012 - 19:47 Uhr

Foxgirl, the Rising New Star...

   Hey guys, TTJ and [name] in particular, you've got some serious competition!  Foxgirl, one of our newest members, is the newest rising star in the site, gaining popularity rapidly.  Foxgirl also launched a barrage of helpful comments, raising her status to Zen. Also, if you go on the Members tab, you'll see that next to Foxgirl's name there is also a letter.  Foxgirl has won the Correspondence Award because for the past few days we have been chit chatting through email, easy give-and-take.  
     Thank you Foxgirl for all your contributions!





Monday, 3. September 2012 - 11:45 Uhr

All About Me

     Quick update in the All About Me page: there's a new book added to my favorites list. It's Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  It's really good; I think all of you would like it. I've been trying to figure out how to include something like the OASIS in my stories ever since...




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