Wednesday, 15. August 2012 - 18:36 Uhr


     Hey hey hey! Bet you guys wondered what the covers for these books would be like! Well for SOME of them (Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare, Peter Pawn, lilette/Riswynn, Lawrence Story, even Dragonsclaim, and a few others), I've made temporary covers! (That being said, I really did not make them myself, being that I didn't take a pen and paper and scratch them up.)  The "temporary covers" are staying pretty much for good, though, and I'll add on.  If you want to see the site in a more stylish manner, go to my wix equivalent,  I'm not sure if we're moving or not, but I'm staying here until Google crawls my wix site.  Then we'll see...If you want the covers in a scrolling method from left to right, you should go to the wix site here.  For our regular hot spot, to see the covers you can just click on the story name on the sidebar and the info screen will come up, WITH the cover!  If there isn't a cover, that means that I haven't made one yet.  I'm currently hand-drawing (ooh!) the cover for Lost and editing it in Photoshop, painting it in Painter, etc.  Unfortunately, it's not easy to scan it, remove the background, keep your lines, and do it all like that. I mean, I'm not breezing by and trying to make you wait; it's actually taking longer than I hoped it would.  :(  Well, we'll see to that.  

     I didn't draw MOST parts of teh covers myself: ex the Lilette/Riswynn story cover has three ladies on it.  I did NOT take those pictures, and same with most of the photos.  You can find the citations for them and the credit on my wix equivalent site.

     Oh, yes, and if you see the regular sidebar where it has the visitor number counter, and scroll down past that, on the sidebar you'll see a unicorn.  At any time, you can click on the unicorn to go to my wix site, whereas on the wix homepage you'll see a unicorn that you can click on to bring you back here!

     Enjoy my new tech advances!




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