Saturday, 11. August 2012 - 17:40 Uhr

Chapter One, Officially DONE!

     It's an Ariana Story update!  Chapter one has been FI-NISHED!  For those of you still expecting more to come, I've still got school, all right? So I'm sorry if I can't spin these guys out fast enough.  :'(  The Ariana story is extremely exciting and funny.  I just finished writing a chapter, and now it's Weewaa's turn to write.  Unfortuantely for your guys, I still only have this one lonely chapter typed up for you to read.  I'm sorry! (Sob!)  By the way, most of the other chapters aren't as long as chapter one.  :  Anyway, I hope to get other stories typed up soon as well!  See you all!  Enjoy reading the completed first chapter!




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