Sunday, 10. June 2012 - 18:24 Uhr

Seaside Update...;)

     All right guys, new stories have made their way onto the site.  Mermaid and Ariel are both now available, though I'm sorry to say I haven't gotten past the first few chapters yet.  Stay posted! :)  I really like these stories, so please don't just stick to one story.  Explore as many as you can, read all the summaries, post comments and just stay active on here.  If you have ideas for how the story should end, what you think, people you despise, etc., post it all! I'd love to hear from you since there's not that much activity on the site--not nearly what I was hoping for.  I hope the promise of new stories will stimulate site growth!  All right, wouldn't want to hold you up...go on!!!  Stay tuned!




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