Friday, 8. June 2012 - 16:14 Uhr

All-Out Update...SWEET!

     Oh, I cannot comprehend how much has been accomplished today.  So many updates! Hooray, that's exactly what I need to get this page going!  Here's my list of what accomplishments I now have to offer...

     1. For the Shadow Kingdom lovers, Chapter Four is now OUT! Yeh! However, I still dearly NEED you guys to complete that survey.  I had to postpone what I wanted to do in Chapter Four because I didn't have enough replies.  So, hurry and get that survey done!

     2. Lilette/Riswynn hasi its first story update! The prologue and a bit of the first chapter are now availiable.  I DO NEED you all to do the story contest, because the cousin remains unnamed as of now...please help me! Whoever gives me the best answer may get an award!

     3. The Death Train has its first update! I typed up a little bit of what I've written so far, and I know it's not much, but I'll keep you posted. ;)  The Death Train is such a heartbreaking and emotional story for me.  Sniffle.  Still, I hope you enjoy what I have so far! By the way, the main character is a girl, and her name is Airelle (pronounced EYE-rell).  


Those are my updates for today.  I hope to see more activity on the site soon!  Hardly any of you have posted comments on the blog...:(  Ah, well.  Comment! Read! Have fun! See you later!




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