Thursday, 7. June 2012 - 17:46 Uhr

New Member...And More!

     Hi, everyone! As promised, I updated the member roster as soon as I received a member application.  Audrey Awesomenesssssss has joined! Hi, Audrey!  Nice to meet you (or not...since I sorta know you ;) but still...)!  I hope you all are enjoying the site!  I'm updating the Peter Pawn story, but it's not done yet so I can't really post an official update. You can check it out, but it's under construction.  

     So, on a totally different note, how are you all doing? If you would be kind, please comment on my earlier posts...particularly the Lilette/Riswynn Story CONTEST (click here) and the Shadow Kingdom Update (here).  I'm dying of apprehension, and for those of you who yearn for me to keep writing the Shadow Kingdom, if I didn't tell you, the survey there actually prevents me from continuing Chapter Four unless I have your feedback. As of now, only TTJ has actually completed the survey...thank you so much, TTJ!  So please, please, please! do it and complete it. As long as you've read the Shadow Kingdom, it should only take ten minutes, probably less.  I just really need it, and bless the people who have given me comments.  Also, the link to the Shadow Kingdom story has is a simple click-on-the-link thing.  However, for those of you who prefer the old copy-and-paste method, it is still available...

     On that happy note, see you!




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