Monday, 4. June 2012 - 21:33 Uhr

New Pages Available!

     Hey guys! I come with exciting news! So, I was all bored, like "Hardly anyone goes on this site. All those other sites have memberships and awards and they get tons of people." So I decided to make membership and awards! You can see them on the brand-new tabs on the tab bar.  But you know how those other sites make you pay for membership? I think that's stupid.  So my membership is absolutely free! For more detailed info, click here or go to the tab. As for the awards? Well, why not give some out to those great people who comment all the time? For more information, you can use the tab or click here.

     That's not the only thing.  I have another new page, you may have seen it, you may have tried to click on it's locked!?  Yep! That page is for ME only, it's password-protected.  My password is unbreakable! None of you could break it no matter how hard you tried. Mwahaha! Why did I lock it? It has PRIVATE info I'm not divulging to you.  :P Find a place to hack somewhere else. 

     That's all for today, folks! See you later.  ;)




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