Monday, 28. May 2012 - 21:28 Uhr

Lilette/Riswynn Story CONTEST

     All right guys, the time is finally here! (Not that it's been long anyway.)  As you might've seen, I do not have a name for the "cousin" in my Lilette/Riswynn story.  I was thinking, and I was like, "hey!  Why not ask the people what they think?"  So here we are; tell me what name you think is good for this guy.  (And yes, he's MALE O_o

     here's a quick description: he has dark chestnut-roan hair that's a bit on the shaggy side but is really soft-looking, and green eyes.  I'm not talking regular green eyes, he has green eyes, like sunlight on leaves, and hinted with hazel and even a little bit of grey around the pupil.  He has fair skin, a pointy chin, is not like muscleman or anything but he's still pretty athletic-looking.  He likes the color cobalt blue.  Has a good-natured personality, cracks jokes, sometimes sarcastic but only when necessary.  Very protective of his cousin Lilette.


So tell me a good name! I need one! Pleeeeeeease!!!! :'O




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